Signet Rings

Beautifully crafted and engraved

We love signet rings!

We have plain ones in several profiles, or we can make one for you with hand engraved initials or with a gemstone set in the top.

We have just completed several commissions for signet rings and cufflinks which needed to be seal engraved. Our engraver is, without question, one of the most skilled and highly talented seal engravers in the country and his work never ceases to amaze us! The process requires the crest or emblem to be intaglio engraved in reverse so that a wax impression can be created. This is carried out by hand, there is no technical intervention – this is pure skill!

Many of our customers give them as milestone birthday gifts, as they really are a ‘forever’ gift.

So….if you have ever thought you might like a signet ring, come and talk to us and we can guide you through the various options to fine one that will be perfect for you.

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