Citrine pendant.


When we were presented with this amazing Citrine, we couldn’t quite believe the size and the beauty of the stone. Our lovely customer had bought the gem and had struggled to find someone that could create a setting that would show the gemstone quite simply but still have a unusual and creative setting in the frame that would be a real design feature of the piece.


So….with the brief established we set about creating some rough design ideas. Sometimes, creatively speaking, jewellery designs that look the most simple and understated are the hardest to create. The temptation to add design detail, particularly when you have the size and space to be able to, is very high!But there is no denying that sometimes keeping it simple really is best.

We created three elegant and understated designs which we presented to our customer and they were really delighted and selected our favourite one!


Now the task of making the pendant began. It was lovely to work on such a large scale, which doesn’t happen often in jewellery!

One challenge that we had to consider with such a large gemstone is making the setting in such a way to avoid the pendant from rolling from side to side when it is worn.

The final piece was hung on a long chain, which balanced the large gem and made it feel a more casual piece when worn.


The final effect was stunning and our customers were really delighted with the end result.


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