Two beautiful sapphires….



Its not often we get presented with two wonderful sapphires, but it was our very great pleasure to create a selection of designs for the lovely owners of these stones.

Purchased on holiday years ago, the time was now right to create a beautiful ring for the two stunning gemstones. We created some rough sketches while we were discussing the design for the ring and it soon became clear that curves and open shapes to mirror the curves of the stones was the direction we needed to take when creating the final design.


A selection of five designs were created with generous sweeping curves that curled around the stones, tapering into the setting edges. The designs were punctuated by little diamonds that added a lovely contrast to the sapphires. Each of the designs were quite individual with a personality all of their own!

It’s always a slightly nervous moment presenting designs, as we are keen to ensure we interpret the brief as well as possible, but our lovely customer was delighted with the designs, and design B was the one!


The delight in making a bespoke item of jewellery is that every aspect is unique. The sapphires looked the same but were actually very different, one being considerably deeper than the other.  Creating the settings to blend into the curves of the ring in a seamless loop was a challenge but one we really enjoyed. The diamond set strand was created in a separate layer to thread through the centre.

The end result

We couldn’t be more delighted with the result, and it really showed the wonderful gemstones off to their very best, and seeing the reaction to the finished ring is the very best part of the job.

The ring looked nothing short of stunning on!








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