Rose gold and Morganite ring


Having seen the most wonderful blush gemstone on holiday, Laura came in to see if we could find her a stone similar to the one she had so admired. She knew that once she had the gemstone she wanted to make it into a dress ring.


We set about searching for the gemstone which was a Morganite. These gems from the beryl family are known for their lovely subtle blush pink colour.

Having found several stones of varying shapes and sizes, we presented the selection to Laura, who loved seeing them all and selected a lovely octagonal cut stone which she thought would make the perfect ring.

Design Inspiration

Now that we had the beautiful Morganite, we discussed the ring styles that Laura liked, and Yasmin began designing a selection of ideas to present to Laura.

Yasmin hand paints all her designs for customers which are life-size. This really helps as it gives a true representation of what the finished design will look like. She has even been know to cut the design out and position on the finger, ear or neck for the customer to get a really accurate view of what the finished piece would look like on.

Laura loved the design for a simple diamond frame around her stone with a lovely open gallery underneath to allow as much light as possible to flood in. The design was also painted in 18ct rose gold, which brought out the wonderful blush colour of the stone even more.


Now the design needed the specification detail. For Jonathan to make the ring every measurement needs to be added to enable the painting to become a reality.

The result

The finished ring looked stunning! The white diamonds framed the Morganite beautifully, and the rose gold complimented the Morganite perfectly.



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