Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring design


Dan came in to see us as he wanted to have an engagement ring designed and made for his girlfriend.

He had a ver specific ring in mind – it had to feature a beautiful sapphire and have a great level of intricate detail with fine diamond set leaves winding around the sapphire.

Dan used really intricate detailing in his own work therefore wanted to make sure that the detail was second to none in the ring that he wanted to propose with.


We created a few design ideas for Dan that featured the finest details that we could achieve on the top and sides of the ring and presented them to him. He immediately liked one of the designs, but wanted a couple of small changes which we painted for him.

The design was then perfect.


We then went to work sourcing the sapphire and found the perfect stone for the ring. A real intense blue, not too dark and not too pale – a stunning blue which would make the perfect focal point for the ring.


Jonathan then started to work on making the ring. With such intricate detail this needed a great deal of skill, as we had to make the ring in several sections to ensure all the tiny details could be polished.

We showed Dan the ring at the half way stage, and despite its unfinished look, you could see that beautiful piece emerging.

The result

When we presented the ring to Dan, it was a really special moment. We were so proud of the ring and couldn’t have been more delighted that we were chosen to make it. Dan loved it, and we now know that his fiance did too!

A lovely review….

We cannot recommend Jonathan Lambert enough for the outstanding service we received with my engagement ring and our wedding bands earlier this year.

My husband approached Yasmin when he wanted to design an engagement ring that was different from the “norm” and truly unique to me. Dan was so impressed by the advice he received from Yasmin and the design she had created.

Both Jonathan and Yasmin kept Dan updated throughout the process of my ring being made and when the finished article was ready, Dan was blown away by how the ring looked – needless to say, so was I!

The excitement continued when it came to designing our wedding bands, especially as my wedding ring would be made to interlock with my engagement ring. Dan also wanted something more special to him that wasn’t the same as the traditional mens wedding band. Jonathan and Yasmin both were clearly excited to work with us again and when it came to reviewing the designs, had captured what we had imagined exactly!!

These guys are not only incredibly talented with what they do, but are also so fantastic with the personal touch that they offer! It goes without saying just how much they know how precious each project is to their customers, and the time, care and attention they put into everything they do is testament to that!!

Thank you both so very much!

S & D