Sapphire, diamond and pearl necklace


We were delighted when our customer came to us to ask if we would make her a beautiful pearl necklace to wear on her wedding day. She wanted a three row pearl necklace with a sapphire and diamond cluster as the feature.


We set about finding the perfect sapphire to begin with, as we had to match a pair of earrings that we had previously made for her. Once we had the perfect stone, we then found a selection of stunning pearls for her to choose from.


The design for the piece was the next stage. Yasmin hand painted a design for the necklace based on the gemstones we had sourced – the result being the most beautiful necklace.Our customer came in to view the design and the gemstones, and loved them all. The next step was to measure her neck to ensure the three rows of pearls would sit at the perfect length for her.


Jonathan then began making the sapphire and diamond cluster – then centre piece for the necklace. Once complete the three rows of pearls were strung on silk onto the sapphire and diamond cluster to create the final piece.

The finished piece

The result was stunning! The necklace would not only be a feature for the wedding day, but a piece to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


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